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Sorting Widget

From the version 1.3.0 Filter Everything plugin contains the Sorting Widget that allows you to sort filtered posts or products in fact by any criteria.

Possible criteria are:

  • Post ID
  • Author
  • Post title
  • Post slug
  • Post date
  • Number of comments
  • Product price
  • Product sales number
  • Product rating
  • Product reviews number
  • Meta key
  • Meta key numeric
  • Random

In general it supports the list of all post-related criteria and Meta key or Meta key numeric that cover 99% of possible needed sorting parameters.

How to create?

To use the Sorting Widget you have to find it in the list of available Widgets and add to desired sidebar.

In the widget settings form you can edit or add new sorting options using button “+ Add sorting option“. Also you can change sorting options order by dragging them up and down.

In addition you can use Sorting Widget shortocode to insert Sorting dropdown in the place, where regular WordPress widgets are not supported.

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