Documentation / Functions


Here are basic API functions and hooks, that currently supported by Filter Everything plugin.

Notice: always use these functions with wrapper, that checks their availability to prevent errors, when plugin will be disabled.


if( function_exists( 'flrt_get_page_related_filters' ) ){
    // Do something

Page Related Filters

 * @return array of all filters from the Filter Set
 * related with current page
 * or empty array if there are no filters


Selected Filters Terms

Note: this function works correctly only if it fires after the Main WP_Query.

 * @return array|false all selected filters or false


Selected Filters Chips

 * @param bool $include_reset - include Reset button term or not
 * @return array|false - selected terms
flrt_selected_filter_chips( $include_reset = false )


Number of filtered posts

 * @return int|null number of posts found
flrt_posts_found_quantity( $filter_set_id )


Page SEO data

 * @param string $key possible values are title|description|h1|text
 * @return string|false Needed seo data
flrt_get_seo_data( $key = 'title' );


Display chips

 * @param bool $showReset whether to show or not the Reset button 
flrt_chips( $showReset = false );

Usage example:

// Place this code in your theme file, 
// where you need to show chips (selected Filters terms)
if( function_exists('flrt_chips') ){
} ?>

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