About Filter Everything

About Filter Everything

Hi there!
My name is Andrii Stepasiuk, I am grateful to you for your interest in the Filter Everything plugin and would like to share with you a brief history and the idea of its creation.

For a long time, since 2008, I have been working as a freelance WordPress developer and some of my clients have asked to add to their online store built on WooCommerce, product filtering. I’m used to finding ready-made solutions to almost any common problem in WordPress, but I haven’t come across a really good filter plugin that would meet all the requirements.

Existing plugins were either limited in filtering capabilities and supported only a certain number of parameters, or were not convenient for the developer and did not allow to implement the task set by the client. In particular, my clients wanted filtering pages to be available for indexing and to be able to optimize them according to Search Engine requirements.

Thus was born the idea to create a plugin that would meet these few key requirements. Namely:

    • allows to filter any posts in WordPress, not just WooCommerce products.
    • allows to filter by any parameter WordPress.
    • the filter results pages have clean URLs and the ability to optimize them in accordance with Search Engine requirements

I researched all the existing popular filtering plugins, and also analyzed the most popular online stores and their product filtration systems. All the solutions that I liked in these plugins and online stores, I tried to combine in the Filter Everything plugin.

Comparison chart of WordPress filtering plugins capabilities
Comparison chart of WordPress filtering plugins capabilities

That’s why this plugin allows you to filter products or posts exactly as e-commerce market leaders do. I also had to talk a lot with SEO specialists to understand their needs in optimizing sites for search engines.

The Filter Everything plugin is aimed not only for site owners, but also for developers who need to quickly create a filter system on the WordPress site and flexibly customize it to meet specific needs. The great advantage of the plugin is that you can create a filtering system based on existing data, as well as design and build it based on the criteria you need before filling the site with content.

If any of the features you expect are not already present in the Filter Everything plugin, I would be grateful for a suggestion to improve it.
Please, use contact page to get in touch with me.

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