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Filters Widget

The Filters Widget is used to display all filters of the Filter Set that matches a particular page. If no Filter Set is configured for the page, the widget does not display anything. This was done so that you do not have to separately disable the widget on pages where filtering is not relevant.

In order for the Filter Widget to be displayed, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The Filter Widget was placed in the sidebar or widget area on the page where you need filtering.
  2. The Location settings for the Filter Set corresponded to the page where you expect to see it.
  3. The Post type specified for the Filter Set matched the Post type of the page or selected WP Query.
  4. The sidebar or widget area, where you placed the Filter widget is not hidden by default (requires click to become opened). Sometimes this happens on mobile devices.
  5. If you have the “Hide empty Filters” checkbox enabled at least one filter term in this Filter Set contained at least one post

If you do not see the Filters widget, make sure that all of the above conditions are met.

Since the plugin version 1.1.0 you can use multiple Filter Sets on one page and display several Filter widgets accordingly. Moreover, you can filter different post types at the same time.

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