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If to be shortly you have to:

  1. Install plugin
  2. Create Filter Set
  3. Specify Where to filter and What to filter in case of the PRO version
  4. Create Filters
  5. Put Filters widget on the page matches to the “Where to filter?” field value

Step 1: Installation

Free version of the Filter Everything plugin can be installed as regular plugin from WordPress admin area. For this purpose go to Plugins > Add New in the Search plugins field type “Filter Everything”, find it, install and activate.

Filter Everything PRO can be installed via uploading zip file. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin and upload zip you got after purchasing the plugin. After successfully uploading activate it. Optionally you can upload plugin’s folder extracted from zip file via FTP client to /wp-content/plugins/ folder of your site.

For more detailed instructions, please read Installation guide.

Step 2: Creating Filters

It is very easy to create a Filter, but it can only exist within a Filter Set that stores Filters. Therefore you need to create a Filter Set first and after add new Filters in it.

To create a new Filter Set go to Filters > Add Filter Set, add Title and specify the Post type to which filtering will be applied and save the Filter Set.

For the PRO version you have also to specify values for the Where to filter? and for And what to filter? fields.

If you will not specify correct values for the “Where to filter?” and “And what to filter?” fields in the PRO version, you will not see Filters widget on the page, even you place the widget on it. And also filtering may not be applied to your posts

If you need more information about Filter Set, read please this article.

To add a new Filter, click the Add Filter button and fill in the filter fields. You can add any number of new Filters to the Filter Set, but be sure to publish or update this Set, otherwise the filters will not be saved.
If you need more information about Filters, please read this article.

Step 3: Displaying Filters

To display Filters on the site just add the “Filter Everything — Filters” widget to the Sidebar or Widget area you need. To do this go to Appearance > Widgets select desired Sidebar, click on the “+” icon in the Sidebar or common in the top left corner, type “Filter Everything” and you will see all plugin related widgets. Select “Filter Everything — Filters” and will be added to the Sidebar.

For the old widgets system before WordPress 5.8

On the same Widgets screen drag the widget called “Filter Everything — Filters” to the desired Sidebar.

Step 4: Basic Settings

You can configure Filter Everything plugin as you need on the Settings screen. For this go to Filters > Settings menu and change options as you need.

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