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Filter types. Taxonomy, Custom Field and Author


The Filter Everything plugin allows you to filter posts by almost any parameter in WordPress. This is possible due to the fact that as the value of the option “Filter by” we can choose one of three WordPress entities: Taxonomy, Custom field or Post Author.

Taxonomies include, for example, Product categories, Post tags, Shipping classes or any Product attributes, such as color, weight, or size. You can see all the taxonomies available for filtering in the “Filter by” field drop-down list when creating a new filter. Those taxonomies that do not match the selected Post Type in the Filter Set settings will be inactive in this list.

Taxonomy Numeric filter available from the version 1.7.0 from 31th of August 2022. It allows you to create numeric range filter by taxonomy terms if their names contain numbers. It supports also decimal values and ignore any terms that contain something else except numbers.

Custom fields usually are used to store additional information about products or posts. Such as price, number of views of the product, its availability, caloric content of the dish, etc.

Depending on the type of information stored in the Custom field, you can choose one of three types of filters for the Custom field:

  • Custom Field – a regular filter on the Custom field. In this case, the filter terms will be all the values of this field that are stored on the site. Suitable for a situation where a text value is stored in the Custom field. For example downloadable status of product – Yes or No.
  • Custom Field Numeric – a numerical filter based on a Custom field. Used in situations where you need to find products or posts that correspond to a certain numerical range. For example product price, number of views, cooking time or its caloric content.
  • Custom Field Exists – is a filter by Custom field that allows you to divide products or posts into two groups:
    GROUP A) in which posts with this field has a value.
    GROUP B) in which posts with this field has NOT a value.
    Suitable for situations where you need to filter products that are On sale, or only those that are In stock.

Filter by Post Author allows you to find posts by selected authors.

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