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Creating a Filter

What is a Filter?

Filter is mainly criteria by which posts are filtered. For example, it can be a product category, price, product attribute, or any other criterion by which you can filter posts.

How to create a Filter?

On the Filter Set edit screen click the Add Filter button and you will see an expanded form with Filter settings. Edit the Filter fields and click the the Publish/Update button to save all Filters and their settings.

How to remove a Filter?

The removing Filter button is hidden by default for security reasons. To see it and use it you need to open the desired Filter and click on the link “Delete” at the bottom left in the Filter editing form. After this at the bottom right you will see a button “Delete, I’m sure” – click it and confirm the deletion. The filter will be removed immediately, no need to update the Filter Set.

For more detailed information about Filter, please read main Filter article.

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