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Creating a Filter Set

What is a Filter Set?

Filter Set is Filters grouped together. Such Filters organization allows you conveniently, literally in a few clicks, to determine their commong settings. For example pages where they should be displayed and the Post type that they should filter.

How to create a Filter Set?

In the WordPress Admin Panel go to the Filters > Add New and you will see the editing screen of the new Filter Set. Fill up the Title field, specify Post type, add new Filters, optionally specify Location of the Filter Set and publish the Set.

How to remove a Filter Set?

You can remove Filter Set just like any WordPress post by clicking “Move to Trash” link. In this case all Filters that are in the Filter Set will also be removed. Filter Set with its Filters can be restored from the Trash. But if you delete permanently the Filter Set from the Trash , it will not be possible to restore it.

For more detailed information about Filter Set, please read main Filter Set article.

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